Q: What do I pay for Lowell Lofts, Inc. services?
A: We earn our commissions from owners and developers who hope to sell you a loft. Commission structures are already in place before a listing hits the market. The sellers and developers have already worked out the Realtors commission and it has no bearing on your final sale price.
If you would like for Lowell Lofts to sell your property commission rates will be discussed before signing the “Exclusive Right to Sell” contract

Q: If I contact you, can I still work with other brokers?
A: Yes and no. We will ask you to sign a form indicating that you are our client and that we are introducing you to various residential units. The agreement you sign will require you to let other brokers know that you are working with Lowell Lofts, Inc. We are familiar with all lofts and downtown residences in downtown Lowell and maintain a relationship with local brokers and the multiple listing data base. We also offer Exclusive Buyer Representation, which means that one of our agents will work in your best interest to find the Loft that is right for you.

Q: I am thinking about selling my Loft
A: We specialize in selling properties in Downtown Lowell. If you choose for Lowell Lofts to be your Selling Agent we will work with you to set a sale price by doing a market analysis. You will have to sign an agreement which will give Lowell Lofts the exclusive right to sell your property. For more information please call us at 978-458-0031.

Q: Will I need a lawyer?
A: Because buying/selling a condo involves numerous documents we highly recommend you hire a lawyer to review all documents before signing. When you are buying a property your lender will hire their own attorney to conduct the title search and handle the closing. You must remember that this lawyer is working in the best interest of your lender. It is best to have someone representing your interests as well.

Q: How do I know I can afford a loft?
A: You will need to contact your lender or mortgage specialist to get pre-approved for a loan amount. It is best to find this out before starting your search. This way you will have a realistic idea of what you can afford. We can recommend mortgage and finance specialists that are familiar with downtown properties.

Q: Why is your focus on Downtown Lowell?
A: Our staff are very enthusiastic about the great changes going on in the area. Our team originally came from suburbs of Boston and look forward to helping their potential new neighbors find the affordable Loft they have always wanted. By working only in Downtown we have become the go to specialists.

For all other questions please call 978-458-0031 or fill out your inquiry on the Contact Us page.

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